LIFE Series

Leadership & Innovation for Everyone = LIFE

Everyone can benefit from adding leadership and innovation skills to their life toolkit.

Part of the mission of Grinnell College’s Wilson Center for Innovation and Leadership is to inspire and prepare students as leaders and innovators. We want to help emerging leaders and innovators understand key traits and practice critical skills, recognize their aptitude and embrace challenges, and help reveal common traits between leadership, innovation, and a liberal arts education. To do this, the Wilson Center invites successful leaders and innovators to provide instruction and mentorship at key events in our LIFE Series.

Most Recent Events

Title slide from the workshop with Steve Weiss in the foreground introducing himself.

Ethics Workshops with Steve Weiss

Led by alumnus Steve Weiss, this series of two workshops will explore theoretical constructs to assess workplace ethics using as a case study the conflicts within and about OpenAI and its effort to develop artificial general intelligence, and provide practical advice to enhance participants’ prospects of becoming ethical leaders.

  • Meets 1-3:30 p.m. on April 13 and April 14, 2024.
  • Workplace Ethics: Artificial Intelligence and Organizational Challenges is offered on 4/13.
  • Leadership Ethics: Expectations, Skills, and Communication is offered on 4/14.
  • Can be taken singly or together.
  • Registration requested; open to the public.